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Not All Private Jet Operators Are Created Equal

While the Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection spreads globally, commercial airlines are engulfed by the maelstrom of the pandemic. The virus has delivered a blow to much of the travel industry, however, the private jet sector is on a roll amid the chaos.

Customers who usually fly commercially in business or first class, are now opting to fly private to avoid exposure to crowded airport terminals and scores of passengers in airline cabins.

But not all private jet operators are created equal. With hundreds of private jet operators in the US and even more worldwide, the constant and ever-changing field of charter aviation, the task of choosing an aircraft and its operator can be quite daunting.

For some people, flying is a stressful experience, filled with doubt and uncertainty. Private jet charters are a great way to remove some of the nervousness that goes along with flying and getting confirmation of the safety history of a carrier before the flight can add one more degree of comfort to the entire process for flyers.

The question becomes, who can I trust? We should wonder the same thing before we step into an aircraft. For those who fly often, there are certain buzz words that may be floating around your head like Argus or Wyvern.

What do they mean, how can you make sense of them, and how do you know they can be trusted? There are a few factors that help level the playing field and assist the consumer in finding the best aircraft for their flight.

The Aviation Research Group United States (ARGUS) and Wyvern are the two main safety audit programs that many US operators use to show their compliance with industry standards. ARGUS has two levels that it uses to classify operators…Gold and Platinum. The ARGUS Platinum rating is the highest level of the ARGUS audit standard and is awarded only to those air charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.

All charter services must go through the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification, or CHEQ, process as it is the most respected system for rating charter operators in the world. The ARGUS rating system is straightforward. It uses a wide range of tools in order to come up with the assigned operator ratings including historical safety ratings, current aircraft, pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits.

Once ARGUS staff have analyzed the collected data, they will assign safety ratings to the operators. Charter customers who request the ARGUS CHEQ report are given a complete safety history on the charter operator, the aircraft, and flight crew, along with the pilots’ experience and historical safety records.

It is more than a simple history of how the operator does business: it is an indication that the operator in question is a legitimate operator with a safety record. It confirms the experience and training of pilots, along with any certifications the pilots may have as well. It even confirms that the operator does, in fact, have liability insurance. In other words, the report or rating serves as another level of due diligence on behalf of charter passengers and lends legitimacy to the operation altogether.

Private aviation doesn’t have to be a safety risk when you trust your business to a team that pays close attention to safety at every turn. We are here to answer any questions you have about safety.

Dominion Charter, Ltd. Is proud to utilize ARGUS Platinum rated aircraft. We have achieved this status through our non-negotiable commitment to safety at all points. This guiding principle permeates throughout the company and has led us to establish stringent procedures and measures including: Having a private jet maintenance department to handle all maintenance and safety needs of our aircraft, exceeding the strict safety standards set forth by the FAA, hiring highly qualified and experienced flight crews that also surpass FAA regulations, and implementing our own safety program and standards.

Currently, we are offering our traditional domestic travel services without restriction based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC,) the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Dominion Charter, Ltd. continues to proactively monitor the developments surrounding the global spread of the Coronavirus. In support of these efforts, as a company, our focus remains on the health and welfare of our clients, operating partners, and employees.

To be as vigilant as possible, as part of Dominion’s pre-flight review, clients may now be presented with questions or documentation regarding your recent travel over the past 14 days.

ARGUS wants you to fly confidently – and so do we.

Call us today to book a flight or to ask questions about the safety of our charter jets.

Fly Safe!

The Jet Lady

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