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Good Eats on Private Jet Flights

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

In the social media clad world, it’s getting harder to make a big impact on special occasions. Our Facebook timelines are awash with picturesque backdrops from friends’ travels, complete with snaps of high-class restaurants at five-star venues.

Luckily, you hold a trump card. You’ve just booked your very own private jet and you’re about to take off for a long-awaited European vacation.

Canapes with Salmon and Caviar - a specialty in Spain

Part of the experience of booking a private jet is what you will do onboard during the flight. Most aircraft have entertainment systems, so an inflight movie is always an option, and you may have friends and family along to keep up a great conversation.

But we are all human, and we like to eat. One thing that connects every culture is food, especially when you’re on a jet for hours. You want something to munch on, and if you are on a multi-million-dollar aircraft, shouldn’t you get the very best food possible?

In this week’s blog, we look at options you have for dining when you travel privately. Of course, there are the traditional gourmet meals provided by aircraft catering. With specialized containers, travel to the airport, and other considerations, it can be expensive to prepare and purchase gourmet food for a private flight.

While a good fruit and cheese tray can be a great experience and getting fresh Mahi Mahi out of Honolulu is worth the price, the secret is to take advantage of local fare, and look to unlock an experience worth the time and money you have put into your flight.

Instead of ordering Caesar salads and a sandwich tray, try finding out what local delicacies might appeal to you and get those items delivered to the aircraft in time for your departure. Taking advantage of local fare takes some preparation and planning, but sometimes it can be done on the fly as well.

If you are traveling internationally, check with the hotel concierge for a local caterer who may be able to prepare meals or retrieve them from a local restaurant. Imagine fresh hummus from Egypt, Kobi beef from Japan, Caviar from the Caspian Sea region, or Calamari from Portugal Whatever country you land in, they are famous for something, so why not try it?

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