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Jet Cards Defined

What is the jet card? Jet cards are “debit cards” you purchase in hourly blocks:  25, 50, 100 or more flight hours that provide access to private aviation.

It is one of the private aviation industry’s latest innovations.

But jet cards come with PROS and CONS that can make or break your travel experience, and what does the fine print in the numerous jet card programs mean? Let’s deposit $100K into a “private jet travel account.”  Then, we’ll travel from New York to Chicago using a jet linked to our “private jet travel account.” We take our flight… it lasts two hours at $5,000 per hour.  When we land, our “private jet travel account” has $90K remaining. This is flying privately with simple budgeting and without owning an actual aviation asset. This is the jet card.

Sounds simple, and it is… IF you’ve partnered with the most suitable jet card program for your travel needs. They travel to somewhat frequently known destinations. If the annual summer vacation or offsite strategy meeting makes up most of your on-demand travel, the jet card could fit the bill. If your owned aircraft is too large or small for a required mission, the jet card could give you access to an appropriately sized aircraft for the specific trips outside of a normal travel profile.

These relatively special requirements can justify a jet card. If you’re considering purchasing a jet card, first ask, “what jet card is right for me?” keeping in mind that your friend’s jet card might not be the correct card for you.

Smart private jet flyers differentiate between ownership, charter, and jet card based on flight hours. Different values drive different decisions on how to fly privately.

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